Laminate flooring installation


      The surface on which you can install laminate flooring can be made of concrete, wood, existing floors with the condition that they are dried , plane ( with 0.1 – 0.2 inch differences) , to have portable capacity and to be clean. All surfaces on which you want to mount laminated flooring have to be covered with a very thin foil made of polyethylene so that this improvised barrier should cover the small irregularities existing on the floors.

      The foil pieces have to combine themselves, covering each other for at least 1 inch. Laminated flooring will always be floating; you should never use fixed restraints with the original floor, restraints like (nails, screws or adhesives).

      After you finish one row you have to respect this rule : on the next row the head to head alignment has to be at least 8 inches apart from the alignment of the first row. Between the sides of the floors and other objects like: walls, door still or pipes there must be a free space of 0.3-4 inches for dilatation. You have to use dilatation joints at every edge where the floor is right next to other surfaces like: door stills or ceramic tile flooring.


      On all large surfaces (bigger then 30 feet) a dilatation profile will be use for making dilation joint. All the laminated floors should be checked before installing. They can have small irregularities on their binding shafts but also on their sides. The installing should begin with the first row starting from the left corner of the room so that the feather of the big side and the fluting of the small side should be orientated towards the wall. The next step will be to align the next element on the floor using a careful and easy hammer blow; using a wood brick assemble the short sides.

      The length of the last elements is marked and its cut with a pendulum jigsaw. Start the second row with the detached part of the last element of the first row with the condition of being longer then 8 inches. Be careful to respect the distance of a minimum 8 inches between the element ends. Assemble the laminated floors on the short side on the entire length off the room. The second row already put into position will be slightly disposed with the feather into the fluting of the already fixed row and it’s pressed down onto the floor. With short hammer blows the entire row should be set into place, using the hammer on the entire length. Now you can start adding row after row.

      Set into place all the elements on the short side then on the long side. After you mount the floors you should place on the legs of all the furniture pieces you have in the room some kind of protection ( like felt ) to avoid scratching them.