How to install ceramic floor tile


Before you start the ceramic tile pattern installation be sure that the ceramic tile saw blade is very sharp and ready to use. The ceramic tile pattern has a very decorative purpose so think a bit before you start laying the ceramic tiles.

Installing ceramic tile for the floor has never been easyer. The supporting layer for the ceramic floor tiles is a horizontal concrete surface that is very well cleaned before the work starts. The guiding lines are set in place at the corners of the room so they can be in range of the level. Usually the mounting starts in the middle of the room so that the cutting next to the walls would be symmetrical.


The gluing adhesive prepared right like the indication found in the back of the bag that contain it , will be put on the floor and on the back of the ceramic floor tiles. The tiles will be fixed to the proper level by pushing them.

A rubber hammer can be used for the tiles to be set right were they should be. After 24 hours the spaces between them can be filled with lute using a rubber surface tool. The ceramic adhesive is a special kind of adhesive because it allows the tiles ( it’s very elastic ), dilatation without the connection with the floor to be disrupted. Even if this guide is for floor installation the ceramic tile counter tops are installed almost the same way. Read the guide for the wall ceramic tiles and after that you’ll be prepared to do the entire work yourself.