Home building for dummy


1 . Laminate flooring installation

The surface on which you can install laminate flooring can be made of concrete, wood, existing

floors with the condition that they are dried , plane ( with 0.1 – 0.2 inch differences) , to have portable capacity and to be clean [ read more ]

2. Ceramic tile installation

The bathroom ceramic tile , a ceramic shower tile or a kitchen ceramic tile are not just a decorative ceramic tile. They have a very useful role in your house because cleaning ceramic tiles is very easy.

Take you time and don’t rush in buying the first ceramic tile design you like. Keep in mind that painting ceramic tiles and ceramic tile mural are also alternatives available on the market.Also if you pick the right time to shop some discount ceramic tiles might be available.Ceramic mosaic tile can also offer you a very artistic design.[ read more ]


3.How to install ceramic floor tile

Before you start the ceramic tile pattern installation be sure that the ceramic tile saw blade is very sharp and ready to use. The ceramic tile pattern has a very decorative purpose so think a bit before you start laying the ceramic tiles. Installing ceramic tile for the floor has never been easyer. The supporting layer for the ceramic floor tiles is a horizontal concrete surface that is very well cleaned before the work starts. The guiding lines are set in place at the corners of the room [ read more ]