Southern Country House Plans

As with all the southern type houses, they have well-proportioned transom light and all those decorative elements, the exterior featuring some flower boxes and the gabled roofs that run the length of the house, being supported by round or square columns.

Characteristic for southern country houses is the large open porches along the front of the home, for some of them, the porches may wrap around the home, another characteristic being the tall ceilings and the symmetry, on each side there is the exact same number and type of windows.

Even if some of them use wood siding, most of these homes have exterior brick or stucco finish. Often, the designs have one to two stories and they are adorned with dormers, also, a distinctive feature is the shuttered windows and a medium or shallow pitched roof that creates a wide, shady perimeter.

Several house plans feature extras like giant bay windows, but the focus for southern country house plans is on the main entrance as the home’s center piece. Usually, the bedrooms are located upstairs and the living spaces on the main floor. On the first floor, just off the foyer you’ll find the parlor and the dining room near the kitchen. Also, the great room in the center of the house and one or two baths.

On the second floor you’ll find the master suite and the master bath as well as a bonus room if required besides the bedrooms. A large number of house plans from where you can choose the one that best suits your requirements and some pictures of the houses are available.