Single Floor Log Home Plans

Single floor log home plans is what you need to look at if you need a nice and comfortable lodge somewhere in the mountains, by the forest, by a lake or river.

A log home is made with wood logs as main building material and it may use almost any home style. Because this type of house is made generally of wood, it gives the lodge a nice rustic aspect. A single floor log home is easy to plan and build, it is usually cheaper than the two floor log home, but it can easily offer you all the comfort you need for a perfect vacation or weekend with your family and friends.

The space available in such a home may vary from 450 square feet to 1450 square feet or even more, it all depends on the comfort you need. A single floor log home can have 1-3 bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, kitchen, living or dining rooms, a nice porch, even a fireplace. You can choose from a large variety of log homes, as they can be built using many styles. Feel free to consult sites that provide online house floor plans as they have a large database and they can provide you with more detailed information.

You might also be interested in log cabin home plans and log home house plans because mainly they are related to the terms we have covered here before. Very popular in this theme are Canadian log home plans, as the Canadian style house plans are nice for cabins and other like homes.

Have you seen those really beautiful cathedral ceilings? It would be great to find some livingroom log home plans for these type of ceilings. But for a one story log home home plans it would be a little more difficult.