Sample Bathroom Floor Plans

When you decide on a bathroom floor plan you should think about the utility of the room , the costs necessary to build it, and the look you want for it.

If some blueprints are available then you can use them , if not you should seriously think about drawing your own layout. So in the following lines I will give you some tips so that you can draw your own layout.

The bird's eye view is the way to go when you start the drawing, remember all the dimensions have to fit to scale.

The following elements are a must in your layout : windows , doors , sinks , toilet, bathtub or a shower. Don't forget about the location of all the electrical outlets and lighting. When your think you finished the drawing you will have to mark all the dimensions because you have to take into the calculation the efficiency. Of course you make this for yourself so the personal comfort it's important. But when it comes to installing something more comfortable you will look at the layout and see if this is possible. For example a comfortable bathtub is the one that provides enough room to stretch your legs and relax.

Draw yourself a few bathroom floor plans in order to get an overview of what stands out in the end.

The trip to the store is necessary so that you could measure all the outside dimensions. But wait ! The Internet can be the solution to avoid this. Just browse an online catalog and get the data you need. Once you have all the numbers you can start the sketching of the fixtures. So in the end all that remains is to draw the position of the bathtub , then the sink (maybe a vanity cabinet ) , the toilet ( remember you have to position this as far away from the door as possible and if the storage allows it even a storage cabinet.

Look here for some Sample Bathroom Floor Plans

There are also nice designs for small bathroom floor plans.

Sometimes you want to change the floor plan and bathroom floor plans remodel seems a bit logical. If you are handicapt you might be looking for handicapped bathroom free floor plans But others just want to search for can i find free bathroom floor plans.

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