Open Floor House Plans

An open floor house plans can be an interesting and fun experience because you have to keep in mind you are looking the perfect plan for your home.

More and more families prefer a casual lifestyle , relaxing and with a great and inspiring atmosphere. If you are one of them you probably have in mind the open floor plan house plan. The illusion of a bigger place is the primary reason people like this plans. This is also a very good solution for people that are making the transition to a more small and compact dwelling for different reasons: money, the need to relax or just for the fun of it.

When you are planning the room size you have to keep in mind the furniture. Storage, especially in this type of house can be a real problem but if you use your imagination you realise you can use the same closet ( if u purchase a good one ) for every day use and for a long time storage.

The bedroom are demanding a lot of space and remember is not indicated that your design for the house plan to have bedrooms in the N side of the house. To be in tone with our plan you should have in mind the open kitchen. It's a good idea to combine the kitchen with a hearth room and breakfast rooms , because all the family can gather there.