Memphis custom homes: the smart choice

I must confess that when my very best friend Peter told me about how convenient and low-priced Memphis custom homes were, I was a bit doubtful about believing him.

Well, I must say I had no reason at all to disregard his comments. In fact, he was so right about this subject that when I found out about the really low-cost plans they have, I felt that having my own home custom designed was a must.

I got such a good deal that, even though I didn't have a lot of money to use, I only spent half of my savings!

My house is great; it has everything I want in a house. And I mean everything, nothing was left aside. I got an architect to help me through the whole designing process, so I was supported by experts.

And the best part was to be able to actually participate in the building process itself, being there next to the architect, as if I were another expert. Man, that is so great.

Once the foundation was set, building took practically no time at all, just a few days later I was ready to move into my brand new custom-designed home!

I will always thank Peter for his advice. He really showed which was the smart way to get a house. My home is exactly as I want it, I don't think I will need to modify anything, or make any remodeling ever!

You dream it, they build it. With Memphis custom homes, it's that simple.