Mansion Floor Plans

The main floor of a Mansion house is the most important for things like celebration , a festive dinner or a banquet. There are many mansion floor plans and it's always hard to decide which one to choose.

Here are a few tips that come to mind.

A big fireplace can be made in the center of the main hall and people can sit , drink and make a conversation, listening, watching and the same time enjoy the relaxing flames. The room that can accommodate quests ( more then 50 even ) it's called the sitting room but a big number of people can relax and admire paintings in a galleryand of course the buffet can't be forgotten.

At the second floor you might consider even showing off a little. A good acoustic , an interesting lighting decor and a refined ambiance. A private or even intimate conversation can take place in the alcove. If hunting is one of your passions don't hesitate do dedicate an entire room to it. If you can afford such a place then you must need a perfect location for your business meetings. We recommend you the 3rd floor. State of the art computers , a great Internet connection and visual effects can't miss in such a place.

Extravagance is the word of the day.You need a place that people will admire because this can be a reflection of your personality. A weeding celebration for your daughter can have place here. Everybody will wonder how is it possible that 300 people can fit in this place at once and still have plenty of room. A ballroom and a dance floor could be valuable assets. When we talk about parking two thinks come to my mind : valet parking and self parking space. So don't hesitate the mansion floor plans can make this all happening !It's not a problem of how but just how soon... can all this be yours.