Louisiana French House Plans

Louisiana is very well known for its colonial and southern type houses,many of them having a french influence.These house plan styles typically feature a hip roof,small window panes and decorative elements like pedimented doorways.

Most of the house plan designs are mainly made of brick,but there are also exceptions,some of the houses are built using timber frame and wooden siding.The large porch and wide steps that leads up to it welcome guests with a sweet and charming hospitality.

As you enter the house,on the main floor you can find the dining room just off the foyer,then a large and warm gathering room wich continues with the kitchen and the serving counter extending to the breakfast area and the keeping,that being a typical feature for this kind of houses.

Generally,there is a master bedroom coming with an utility and one master bath,all bedrooms including walk-in closets. The upper floor can be modified to fit the owner requirements, usually, it has only one bedroom and a bath. Modifications on the main floor can also be made,you may add a breezeway to the carport,you may add a storage room near the garage,an attic above it and even a side porch besides the front porch and the rear one. The exterior of the homes comes with two main types,there are houses with shuttered windows,the Nimes and LaMarche type or houses with gabled roofs supported by columns(Macon type).Several pictures of the houses and the house plans are available,also,a full set of blueprints and the exterior elevations can be found.