Havasu Custom Homes: the only way to live

The very first time I arrived at Lake Havasu I was on a business trip; and I must say I did immediately fall in love with this extraordinary place. I found this land so beautiful that I decided that, no matter what, some day I would move in here.

Finally, after years of hard work, my time for retirement came. I had saved some money, so me and my wife decided to make that old dream come true.

After looking around for a nice house here in Lake Havasu, we began to think there was no hope: houses were too big, or too small, or some of them didn't have a garage; we couldn't find a house that suited our needs.

Luckily, somebody told my wife about Havasu custom homes. When she told me about that, I couldn't believe my ears. I told her we didn't have the kind of money necessary to get a custom designed home. However, I promised her I would ask for more information on that subject.

Believe me, my friend, I was astonished; I would never imagine that getting a custom house here was as inexpensive! They even had different plans to fulfill everybody's expectations!
I came back home that day with a big smile on my face.

I really think that getting a Havasu custom home was the smartest way to go. Now, we enjoy living each day in the house we have always dreamt about.

And, as time passes by, I get more and more convinced that there is no other way to live.