Guest House Floor Plans

We invite you to look at our guest house floor plans. A guest house is your house when you are away from home and it is great for short term stays, for business trips or when you would like to spend some time away from home with some friends.

It is easy enough to rent a guest home as you can pay the rent directly to the owner or through an travel agency. These guest houses usually have free parking, they allow pets, they have many guest rooms, non smoking areas, facilities for handicapped persons, free laundry, TV cable, air conditioning, DVD/VCR player.

If you go to a guest house with your family and friends you may feel very well, as the accommodations are charming, elegant perfect also for young couples on a honeymoon. They are also excellent for anniversary vacations, or simply for ordinary people who want to relax.

If you are a business man you can find a guest house very suitable for your needs as they may have direct free telephone with your company, high-speed access to the Internet, along with many other facilities.

A typical guest room has a dresser, desk and chair, a queen-size bed or two twin beds cable television bathroom with tub or shower, telephone and network connection. There are also suites of two or more bedrooms that have their own kitchen area with sink, microwave, refrigerator, and dinnerware. For more detailed information please visit specialized sites presented on the page.