French Home House Plans

If you decide you want a French style home for yourself it's important to understand the French home house plans. They have an interesting look because of the many roof lines and gables. You can even have a medieval feel when you look at such a house because of it's undulating façade. There are a number of materials you could choose from like: brick, stone or even combination of those. The general standard for a French home is a 2 floor house. This is not a rule just something people prefer to do in general.

Keep in mind that such kind of house can attract attention and can even reflect your personality with its luxurious style.

As a personal touch you can add a huge master bedroom, an elegant bath and even a fireplace. The built-ins in den are becoming very popular and if you are a gourmand don't forget the kitchen and the eating bar. The large storage and utility are a must.

The space you generally have is huge, over 2500 square feet so you can imagine a recreation room and a game room will not present a problem. The collection of vines in your den will be greatly appreciated in a long night in front of your fireplace.

Don't hesitate, find the right house plan, let your imagination lose, imagine even a French Chateau home plan and start building your dream.