It's a fact that most people in the world are trying to get rid of the term mobile when it comes to homes. But in general people are still using this term when they are referring to wide single homes.

The manufacturers that are in business , especially the big ones like Fleetwood can attest the fact that this term: mobile is not what it used to be. In the 70's this term was used for a low quality home. Now it's enough to look at a Fleetwood mobile home floor plans and understand what this means: a single wide mobile home. Be sure the big companies have this plan in their offer, just look for it.

Introducing the Fleetwood mobile home floor plans, Fleetwood is offering you houses with more then 2 bedrooms where you can start living the dream, the dream of ownership. The big difference from the standard construction of a house it's the fact that this type of house is build in a controlled environment.

People that are working for Fleetwood are very qualified and the result will exceed your expectations. So if you stick to the plan you will be the proud owner of one of the best well-built homes on the market. This is a certain because Fleetwood has been awarded with the most prestigious Manufacturer of the Year Award.