Custom Build Log Homes: the smart choice today

When I was a kid I really liked to visit my uncle's cottage. That log house was a nice place to live in, a very comfortable place by the lake.

As I grew bigger, my love for that kind of buildings grew accordingly. However, having a custom build log home was far too expensive in the past.

Luckily, nowadays competition between different house-building companies has made custom-designed houses affordable for the average people. Everyone can now own the house of their dreams, at a very reasonable price and built just within a few weeks.

There are many companies over the country that are offering several plans to custom build log homes, cottages, mansions and a whole bunch of house styles. They usually have different payment options, which ensures there is always a choice that perfectly suits your needs.

So if you need to have a new home built, make sure to get all the options in front of you before you decide; I mean, why should you stick to a standard, pre-designed house, when you can have it built specifically for you, according to your needs and desires?

When I decided to build a house, I didn't want just another average home. I wanted an unique place to raise my children; a place where I could not only be at home, but feel at home too.

And I must say I will never regret that choice. If you are looking for a new house, then I strongly encourage you to have it custom-made.

Of course, choice is yours. All I will tell you is that having my custom build log home was probably the best choice I have made in my life.