Building A Tree House Plans

Building a tree house is the best time spend with your kids in the weekend. Most of the tree house plans will bring the amount of cutting from your part to minimum. Building a tree house plans has never been simpler. Using just five sheets of wood to build the walls, the front and the back, your house can become a reality.

A tree house only needs two trees close to each other. One leg must be placed in the ground before starting the actual building. In general is sufficient 30'' to be in the ground if the house it's placed at a medium height. Also before you start make sure you have sufficient lumber lying around ordered from the factory. It's a good exercise for you to carry all the lumber to the construction site so don't be afraid of this job.

The most important steps when building a tree house are: setting the post, making the platform, building the actual house and walls and finally the ladder. It's good when making the hole for the post to put a bolder to sustain the post. Make sure this is stable so you don't have to worry in the future. It's better to build the platform on the ground and you ca set it later on the sustaining beams. After this you can build the home , making sure you use screw so that the walls won't collapse. With the remaining wood you can make some stairs for easy access.